Massively parallel processor supplier Tilera is a company that InsideDSP has kept an eye on for nearly a decade now, stretching back to BDTI's benchmarking of the company's first-generation TILE architecture in its 64-core form (see sidebar " Company, Architecture and Product
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The title of the press release for CEVA's latest XC-4500 communications DSP core , introduced in mid-October, claims that it's the "World's First Vector Floating-Point DSP for Wireless Infrastructure Solutions." Those of you with good memories might be confused at this
The cellular base station and its associated infrastructure topology have remained largely unchanged throughout the industry's history to date, although upgrades have periodically occurred to address the needs of evolving voice and data standards. Within each base station are beefy
Cost- and power consumption-sensitive digital signal processing applications tend to leverage fixed point processors, for a common fundamental reason: fixed-point processor cores are substantially less complex than their floating-point counterparts, leading to reductions in transistor count and
After some five years of architecture definition work and several years of development, Freescale's new StarCore SC3900 DSP core will see its first silicon implementation next quarter in the QorIQ Qonverge B4860 processor for macrocell base station designs, unveiled last month at the Mobile
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The dearth of available wireless spectrum throughout the world, notably in the United States, is one of technology's hottest topics. It's driving network management policies such as bandwidth throttling, data usage caps, and blocks of particular ports, protocols and services, any or all
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Technology advances ever onward over time, and in fact its pace has accelerated since Jack Kilby's initial integrated circuit demonstration in 1958. So it is that, while CEVA's DSP core licensees are demonstrating SoCs based on the company's current-generation CEVA-XC323 (see
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Freescale's re-engagement with historical Power Architecture (previously known as PowerPC) CPU business segments, such as communications, industrial, medical, military, robotics, and surveillance systems, began in earnest at the June 2008 Freescale Technology Forum when the company unveiled
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Texas Instruments (TI) is continuing to expand its cellular base-station SoC family, incorporating multiple instances of the TMS320C66x (C66x) DSP core that the company introduced in early 2010 . The new TMS320TC16612 (TCI6612) and TMS320TC16614 (TCI6614) chips target femtocell (approximately
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Near-field communications (NFC), which traces its heritage to radio-frequency identification (RFID), has lately been promoted as a way to enable mobile phones and other portable devices to serve as electronic wallets. Early examples of the technology, operating on the 13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3