Embedded Vision System Design Services

The fastest way to add video analytics or computer vision to your products

Advances in technology are making science fiction a reality on a daily basis. With the incredible power and low cost of processors, programmable logic, and digital video cameras, it is now possible to add computer vision to your scientific, medical, industrial, or consumer product. Whether it’s toys that can “see” and recognize objects, video cameras that can count the number of people in a scene, or industrial systems that can visually inspect products for defects, computer vision and video analytics can enable unheard of new functionality in your products, letting you to tackle new markets and new opportunities.

If—that is—you’re an expert in signal processing. Because it turns out that the heart of video analytics and computer vision is signal processing: signal processing is used at the pixel level to extract objects from pixels, and signal processing is used at the object level to track, evaluate, and “understand” the behavior of objects.

If you’re not an expert in signal processing, BDTI can help. Our team of engineers has years of experience building complex, reliable, and low-cost signal processing systems, including video analytics and computer vision applications. We can work with you to understand your application, identify your requirements, select the best technology—hardware and software—and then design and build your system. We can work closely with your existing engineering team, handling only the video analytics/computer vision portion of the design, or we can execute a complete “turn-key” project, delivering you a complete, finished system. In addition, we can leverage our own existing intellectual property (e.g., object tracking algorithms) or develop custom IP for your application.

Some recent examples of BDTI video analytics, computer vision, and related projects include:

  • Pedestrian DetectionFor a major semiconductor company we prototyped computer-vision-based pedestrian detection and road sign recognition algorithms for automotive applications, using a combination of an FPGA and a processor. (In the image at right, the software identifies a pedestrian in the “danger zone” and marks him with a red box. A pedestrian outside the “danger zone” is indicated by a green box.)
  • For a scientific instrumentation company we developed a mathematical model for a vision-based feedback control system, shaving weeks off the company’s development time and enabling the company to improve throughput of its equipment.
  • For a toy designer we developed highly efficient image processing algorithms that applied sophisticated visual effects to digital photographs using an ultra-low-cost embedded processor.
  • For a consumer electronics company we created a real-time FPGA-based prototype of a proprietary video display enhancement algorithm.

BDTI can add computer vision and video analytics to your products faster and with less risk than you may have thought possible. And that translates to faster time to market and increased revenue! Contact us today to discuss how video analytics and computer vision can enhance your products.

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